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EZ-Glide Wheels

Super smooth wheels for the Gammill Quilting Machine


$199 for the Set of 8 Wheels




EZ-Glide Wheels for the Gammill Quilting Machine

EZ-Glide Wheels

EZ-Glide flat wheel

Left side of machine head.

EZ-Glide grooved wheel

Right side of machine head.

Notice the space between the side of the wheel and the carriage. No chance of it ever rubbing. Also notice how well the groove fits on the rail.

We created the NEW EZ-Glide Wheels exclusively for Gammill Quilting machines. They are quite simply the smoothest wheels available. It is easy for any quilting machine to move straight forward and back, or straight side-to-side, as you are only engaging one set of wheels at a time – either the machine wheels or the carriage wheels.  The ultimate test for any quilting machine is to see if you can follow a 45 degree line with your laser light. This is because it involves both the horizontal motion of the carriage on the table and the vertical motion of the machine head on the carriage. With most machines, it is difficult to follow the 45 degree line because you feel intermittent resistance that is impossible to anticipate and difficult to adjust for.  You feel as though you are being pushed off the 45 degree line.  The new EZ-Glide Wheels allow you to push or pull on a 45 degree line perfectly – no resistance, no drag – just round, smooth motion.  You will find it much easier to follow pantographs, do free motion feathers and curves, and even micro-stippling.



The EZ-Glide wheels are also very easy to install. They are clearly packaged and marked for MACHINE HEAD or CARRIAGE placement.  Simply remove your current Gammill Wheels one at a time, and replace them with the appropriate  EZ-Glide wheel. The new wheels are the same diameter as your existing Gammill Wheels, so no other machine adjustments should be necessary to accommodate for the swap.  The difference in the design allows combined motion of the x and y axis with zero binding and resistance.   Also, if you have the stitch regulator, you won't need to adjust the encoder because it can rest anywhere on the wide flat wheel. The wide flat wheel also eliminates the need for a shoulder bolt which needed to be centered, and added unnecessary friction.



What makes these wheels so smooth is a combination of the following features:

  • Each wheel has two high quality bearings that were designed for Roller Blade racing. This gives them excellent lateral support, and super smooth motion.
  • The grooved wheel fits close to the center ridge of the rail, but still has a little room to move to eliminate friction.
  • The grooved wheel is also narrower than the Gammill wheels to eliminate any possibility of their outer edges rubbing on the rail.
  • The non-grooved wheel is wide and flat which eliminates the need for a shoulder bolt that just added friction. It also ensures that the outer edges won’t ever rub on the rail.

The smooth, round motion of the new EZ Glide wheels is amazing!  Be the first quilter on your block to order a set!


Click here for Installation instructions




Here are a few of the many favorable comments from the yahoo GammillOwners newsgroup.

Good morning...finally got a chance to use my new wheels yesterday...I put a
review on my blog here:


The short version, if you don't want to travel to the blog is that I really like
them and they are an improvement even over my edgeriders.

These are wheels for Gammills...I do not know if they are going to expand to
other brands.



My husband installed the new wheels - easy to install with great
directions. I am so impressed with them. They glide like butter no
matter what direction I go. I had Gammill's version of the edge rider
wheels and felt that they moved pretty well except when going
diagonally, especially lower right to upper left. Well, with the new
wheels lower right to upper left glides as well as straight vertical or
horizontal. They are so smooth with no resistance, that I am going to
have to learn to not to overcompensate especially for 45 degree angled

I and 5 other Gammill owners feel they are superior to the Edgerider &
Gammill's version of the Edgerider wheels. I had my longarm group at my
home this morning and they tried out my new EZ Glide wheels, at least 3
of the ladies plan to order the EZ Glide wheels. Also, one of other
ladies has an APQS with Edgeriders and found the EZ Glide wheels to be
superior to the Edgeriders.

Mary Rossi
Woodbury, MN
2009 Gammill Classic +


After reading the kudos for the EZ Glide wheels, I ordered a set for my
"09" Classic Plus from Donita Reeve, Lakeside Quilt Co. They arrived
today and it didn't take me long to swap out the Gammill wheels for the
new ones. An easy job by the way. After about 2 hrs of quilting, all I
can say is WOW!

What a difference these wheels make! The head actually goes where I want
it to go, no more flat lines where there is suppose to be an arc. Check
me off as a very happy customer, I highly recommend these wheels.

Brian (Classic Plus)




Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


After 8 years of fighting the Gammill Wheels (old and new),

I finally have wheels that work.  No more catching on
diagonals or on the big diagonal swishing lines. 

I even made real circles with ease. 

I would recommend them to all Gammill owners. 


They're even much better than the EdgeRiders.


Donna Warnement
Gammill Optimum Plus owner





I must tell you something....
For the FIRST time, I was able to really 'draw' with my machine. I am able to do Micro work without a fight. I had a ball, playing with the machine, and trying different threads.
Once I got the IT re-installed (the ceramic collar was broken and I had to get an entire assembly from Gammill  ), some tension adjustments and I was off just practicing. I LOVE the new wheels!!!
Now to learn to hang on to the handles with less death grip.....
BTW...did I mention I LOVE the new wheels?????

Kathy in Tucson

Abby, C+


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