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We have become US distributors for Wonderfil thread.  OMG!!!  Don’t know where to even start talking about this thread.  It is awesome!  It has been a long time since I have been this taken with a thread line.  Cotton thread continues to be my personal quilting favorite even though poly is becoming more and more accepted.  This thread has a beautiful “presence”, is very strong and virtually lint free!  FYI – all cotton thread goes through a “gassing” process as it is manufactured, whereby it is run quickly over an open flame, burning off fuzz.  This next part is important ---  Wonderfil is the only thread manufacturer in the world that double gasses the thread.  So, there is just no lint or fuzz and it is very strong.  It is a very nice weight, (don’t think the #50 means it is thin and fussy – it is not).  You can get a nice tight tension so the stitches are “imbedded” on the top as well as the bottom and the stitches are beautiful.  I used this thread on my last 5 or 6 quilts and only had 2 or 3 total thread breaks.  That is some kind of record. We are stocking the entire line of 50 wt. cotton on 3000m cones.  There is a nice selection of colors in bold solids and variegated.  They also offer a heavier weight, called Spaghetti, in a smaller pallet of colors if you do art quilts or have an occasion to want your thread to really stand out and say, “Hey look at me”.  The third line we are carrying from Wonderfil is called Invisafil.  It is the perfect choice for an invisible thread  -- where you want the thread to be functional but not take over at all.  It is a poly thread, behaves like a cotton and comes in a large variety of colors  It is perfect for art quilts.  It is like quilting with a hair, but is soooo strong.




12 wt - 3ply Egyptian Cotton

12wt - 3ply Egyptian cotton, double gassed and mercerized, great for quilting, longarming, topstitching, decorative stitches on quilts, wall hangings, clothing, and sashiko.

Wonderfil Spagetti 12wt Solid Quilting Thread Wonderfil Spagetti 12wt Solid Quilting Thread Cones



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Wonderfil Fruitti 12wt Variegated Quilting ThreadWonderfil Fruitti 12wt Variegated Quilting Thread







50 wt - 3ply Egyptian Cotton
50wt - 3ply Egyptian cotton Double gassed & mercerized. Konfetti is fantastic for quilting, longarming, thread painting, cotton lace, serger, embroidery, and more.

Wonderfil Konfetti 50wt Quilting Thread - Solid ColorsWonderfil Konfetti 50wt Quilting Thread - Solid Colors - Cones





Wonderfil Tutti 50wt Quilting Thread - Variegated ColorsWonderfil Tutti 50wt Quilting Thread - Variegated Colors - Cones





100 wt - Cottonized Polyester

Wonderfil InvisaFil 100wt Polyester Quilting ThreadWonderfil InvisaFil 100wt Polyester Quilting Thread - Cones


100wt Cottonized Soft Polyester Tone on tone InvisaFil virtually disappears. InvisaFil is perfect for stitch in the ditch, Top & bottom thread, bobbin thread for delicate machine embroidery, use as top and bottom thread for couching, lace designs, hand & machine appliqué, quilting, longarming, and excellent for fine fabrics. InvisaFil is available in 30 colors on 2500m spools.


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